34 Completed - 2014 List

I actually completed 34 items and have another 4 half finished.  I think that's respectable.  Last year was a pretty amazing year for all sorts of reasons.  It was full of all sorts of adventures likehaving a baby, doing what seems like 1,000 remodeling projects, Kathleen moving away, we traveled to Florida, Portland, Seattle, boston, Milwaukee, and New York, Dustin changed jobs twice, and I transitioned into working from home full time.  We crammed a lot in. It was good times mostly with a touch of sad times.
  1. Become a Mom - complete 
  2. Bake 25 Breads - In Progress#2#3#4#5
  3. Attend Jono and Lo's Wedding - Attended
  4. Babymoon trip - OregonPortlandSeattleGorgeOcean
  5. Improv Quilt with Thea - Sent to Thea, In Progress
  6. Add Lo to the photo wall - Done.
  7. Start a down payment savings account for a second house - started it only has the initial deposit though.
  8. Create a family tradition - we started a few we'll see what takes
  9. Service project - my volunteering sucked this year but I did do vacation bible school so considering this done
  10. Paint the babies room - Done. 
  11. Remove carpet in back bedrooms - Babies Room Done
  12. Set goals for our marriage - Done
  13. Buy 30 $1 things - I actually did this but never blogged about it
  14. Dress-up for a date at McDonald’s
  15. Build a new kitchen table - Done
  16. Eat a pomegranate - done
  17. Make the baby a quilt - FinishedQuilt 2
  18. Paint the Master bedroom
  19. Give Kathleen a 25 Party - WWELive and Comedy Club Done. 
  20. Take Dustin to Fogo de Chao
  21. Make a Scrap Vomit Quilt - Finished and Finished
  22. Watch 20 Classic Movies
  23. Anne Geddes photo my baby (yes at least once) 
  24. Take monthly family photos with the baby and Dustin - done
  25. Break from phone 5-10pm for one week
  26. 4 Crafty Projects - Sparkle TightsLo's Shower DecorBabyBurf Mobile
  27. Clean out the Coffee Table - Done
  28. Make Pop Tarts
  29. Host a trivia night
  30. Balloon surprise someone for their birthday
  31. Be less critical at work - maybe it's a day to day thing
  32. Kathleen's cross-stitch gift 
  33. Go to an art museum with Momo - Art Museum Visited
  34. Go baby clothes shopping with Momo - we went thrifting twice Done!
  35. Play date with baby and JJ - done
  36. _______________ with Lita - done Lita babysat
  37. _______________ with Jono and Lolo - Picnic Done
  38. Finish the sushi quilt - almost!
  39. A double date - we did this at least Twice
  40. Learn something - only 100 things about being a mother
  41. Refinish the babies desk
  42. Create a new work from home space for me - done although I want to reorganize it
  43. Roadtrip with Kemi
  44. Use my SLR camera at least twice monthly - January twice exactly, February also exactly twice, March Done thanks to babymoon, April - done
  45. Finish the 52 books - sadly not done.
  46. Surprise Dustin - New Bench Press check
  47. Summer party - done
  48. ____________________ Spring Activity 
  49.  Summer Activity - done
  50. Cremona Fall Activity - done
  51. Christmas tree Winter Activity - done
  52. Make a new list - done


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thea said...

you did a great job on your list this year ..