Babyburf 7 months

Dear Babyburf - 
We arrived at 7 months with a clap.  You are starting to be very clingy and yet want to be fiercely independent at the same time.  You are always a delight and we can't wait to see what's next.
- This last month you learned to clap, pull yourself into standing position, and pop into position to crawl although you don't go anywhere.
- Nana has been teaching you Animal  noises and your tiger/lion and monkey are pretty good.
- You weigh roughly 20 lbs we don't go to the doctor again until 9 months so I am not sure where you are exactly but you were 19 lbs 8 oz last month.
- You mimic us coughing and laughing which is quite comical.
- You are at the last setting of the cloth diapers that are supposed to last until 35lbs - yikes.
- you current favorite toy is your red donut.
- you added all sorts of things to your diet this month but your favorite is toasted bagel, which you don't even eat but just gnaw on.
- I love when get all talkative when nobody is paying you attention at dinner.
- you crack me up when eating making mmmmm sounds and then trying to move the tray yourself afterward. 
-you had a play date with baby Ewan (your birthday twin) and you are still bigger than him.  But it was so cute how you "played" together.
- you scare me in the bath as this is where you like to stand-up on your own the best and its slippery in the bath.
- I love watching you experiment with things
- I love how you grab my fingers to pull yourself into standing position then shake around dancing.
- I also like rocking you to sleep in your room now even though you are teething.
- daddy has been working nonstop so we can save money to get a bigger yard and house, and he only sees you for a few minutes in he morning and at night.
- he's always so excited when you are happy to see him.
- He always wants to push you in the stroller and carry you whenever he is with us.
- I think he also likes how you grab his beard.
Keep growing little baby man. 
Love mommy 

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