Best of 2014

Time for the "Best of" literally I could make everything into a best of this year was full of so much bests!  So let's get started! 
We had a polar vortex and got dressed to the nines.
We did several remodeling projects, but the best one was the baby's room.
My favorite quilt was the scrap vomits!  I also loved the girlfriend one.  I will revisit this concept later.
Ahh the magic was everywhere.  The most magical was obviously jones.
I set out to make 25 breads I made like 8 but our favorite was by far pretzel bread. Yummy.
We went on many trips and visited new places but by far we enjoyed Oregon the most.
The best tourist outfit came to Florida with us.  
The worst/best cry was my unexpected ball session and Jono and Lolos wedding.  
I made a lot of stuff but by far the best thing was this guy.  He's so much fun and joy.
Man was he soooo small back when he wore his 80s track shorts.   Too cute.
We had such a nice time at Cremona that by far this was our favorite family event.  I hope when jones is older we have new traditions ourselves.
We only had a few BBQs this year but Labor Day was pretty sweet.
My favorite photo which is going on the wall.  I love it.
Hello bacon!
The favorite toy was the gourd.  Jones are it until the bacteria in his mouth ate it away.
These girls were by far my people this year.  I love them all.
Lynleys and Johns wedding was the best backyard wedding ever.  Also the best color scheme and lipstick - I know want to wear red lipstick everywhere.
This is my favorite family photo although closely behind were several others.
Best trip to my past life was our boston trip, it was so nice see my people back in MA. I miss them so
And best new tradition jonesy adding the star to the tree (he wanted to keep it not leave it).
And last but least the best selfie has to be with our new selfie stick.

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thea said...

a lot of great bests!