15 Month

Oh boy.  I wasn't going to use these photos for Jones's 15 month wall because he was a major grump and or watching the people nearby when I took the photos and well his fly is down!  But my friend is taking family photos for us soon and he had school pics taken last week so I figured this is real life.  We took them at the mural by the Education resource store/center on 10th Street, the location seemed perfect since we started school this month. 
Jonesy -
This month you started school.
You love school.
You hate getting dropped off, you want mommy to stay at school.
Your teacher says you are smart. 
She is very impressed with your verbal and signing skills.
Your favorite things at school are music, gym, and the sensory activities.
You were super sick this month and we were so worried because you wouldn't hardly eat.
You are back to normal now but won't eat your old favorite blueberries.
You loooove animals and often squeal when you see a doggie or cat when out for a walk.
You can make many animal noises and when we read the animal noise books you often tell me how it goes.
Your favorite books are Moo Baa La La La, and Dr Suess ABCs.   
You are really enjoying playing cars especially ones that you can put blocks, people and animals in.
You are learning to pick up toys.
You love to pull quilts off the sofa and onto the floor to snuggle.
You added the words - Keys, Up, Cheese, Amy, and Ride Bike to your vocabulary.
You often tell me "No," and I try and encourage you to say "yes".
You are very quick to notice something new in the recycling bin that doesn't lock.
You are learning to identify people in photos.
The other day we took you to Bloomington and you walked thru town by yourself.  You stopped and inspected everything in windows, on the ground, in the street. You thought everyone was out to see you and were waving and saying Hi to everyone.  Priceless.
You play well with other kids and often watch older kids patiently waiting for your turn on the slide or to play with a toy.
Mommy loves your easy going attitude.
Mommy enjoys how you like to sit in her lap and play.
Mommy has been enjoying sitting at the table and eating dinner with you.
Daddy thinks you are getting so big.
Daddy doesn't like how you are pulling his beard in the mornings. 
Daddy likes when you want to snuggle him all tired.
We love you soooo much.  We can't wait to see what's next.
Love Mommy

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