511.5/1000 Miles

In August I added 72.5 miles to the tally.  Not amazing numbers at all. But considering at least 5 times I noticed my Fitbit was dead after taking an evening walk, and another several days where it was left in the bathroom after showering it's something.  It took me to half my total for the year only 2 months past the halfway point.
At this point I need to recommit to actually trying to hit my daily step goal and to keeping the thing on and charged up.  Jones is a good motivator he has learned the words "ride bike" and often requests "bike rides" after school. But at the same time he's been going to bed at 8, and sometimes those precious few hours don't have time for a walk on the treadmill or a stroll around the block.  Anyhow I am going to target for at least hitting 110 miles in September.

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