Tuesday 10 - Hello Fall! PS I love you!

It's Tuesday and rather than wish it was Friday I am making a Tuesday list because there's never enough lists.
1. Apples + Jonesy <3 
2. studiodiy's Lisa Frank halloween costumes.  Nobody be surprised if I dress up as a rainbow unicorn if I dress up. Link www.studiodiy.com
3. Collage Parties at the circle spark.  (PS this is one of the best things happening in Indy check it out already!). 
4. The first bounce house.  he loved it and dove in head first.
5. Thinking about the babies room.  I love this salmonish/flamingo color + gold.  Photo snapped of my Pinterest links are there.
6. short circles.  This is our small group that meets at our house.  It's a large group with lots of kids and we practically explode out of our house but it works.
7. Apple streusel Carmel cheesecake made for dessert at Short Circle.
8. Moments like these where I put away towels and come back to the kitchen to discover Jones had pulled every bag out of the new box from target and was playing amongst them.
9. Apple chips
10. I am not really a fan of quilt patterns but something about this quilt makes me want to make this one.
Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman 

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thea said...

Agreed. that's pretty cute!