Tuesday 10 - Hello September

Every week I think about these lists.  Most weeks I forget about doing it but today I made the time.  So here we go:
1. Chreece - Midwests Hip Hop Festival.
I am not a huge hip hop fan but I follow some local hip hop artists on Instagram and when I saw this idea of Oreo Jones I wanted to attend.  We just did the free outside shows but we really enjoyed ourselves.  
2. Adding new "celebrities on sticks" to our Leftforyou project.
3. Jones + corn on the cob.
His determination and desire for it to be on the cob was priceless he screamed when I was cutting it off. I ended up giving it to him hot, because he was so insistent. I love this kid
4. Bradley Theodore 
I have been digging Artist Bradley Theodore lately I love his style and color choice. http://www.bradleytheodore.com
5.  Spark Circle 
I love this idea and I am very excited to see what happens with it.  http://circlespark.org/
6. Looking forward to getting week in the life together
7. Homemade Popsicles
My favorite new recipe is cherries and pineapple juice hello amazing.
8. New quilt finish.  Photos coming soon
9. Jones'a new exploring phase.
This often means going left when I go right, opening something I say don't, or simply just crawling under a blanket because it sounds good.
10. Jones + pool floaty.
See #9.  He calls this "ball" but he often carries he from his room to the living, loved to spy at me thru it, and walk with it on, he also actually loved it at the pool as well but it's slightly too big to let him be in it alone.

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