To the Orchard

I put Orchard on my fall list back in like July.  I just love fresh apples and making 1 million things with them.  And now with a baby he should get to do things like this too.  So I invited my family to join us. We went to Pleasant View Orchard because it's super close to us and they didn't charge admission for things like the playground.
I wanted to capitalize on scoring as many apples as possible and so we bought a bushel together as a family which worked out as like $8/person.  We picked our own apples - me mostly Jonathan with some Mutsu and Jonagold and Cortland tossed in.  
Anyhow it was a good time, it seems it was jones, Joes, and Dustin's first time to an orchard and that was fun.  Jonesy was adoreable in his lumberjack shirt calling all the apples balls and trying to scoop up the rotted ones under the trees.  He also was so glad to see all his people too he does so love everyone passing him around.  He can't seem to even bite thru the skin of softer apples but he sure did try on all sorts of taste testing. 
And now I plan to make Apple chips, applesauce, apple butter, Apple crisp, and if there's enough Apple Pie.  If I run out no worries because we will be at the pumpkin patch in a few weeks.

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