Baptism - Another Big Thing That Happened!

I am not sure how I missed blogging about this already because in the scheme of things it's bigger than the super bowl/jimmy fallon/turf by a lot.  
 Early in January I met with Pastor Aaron, he and I had a chat and we talked about baptism and If I wanted to take that step.  I told him I have been waiting for God to speak to me with "a burning bush" to tell me to do it (pardon the metaphor).  And we talked about it some and he said to pray about it.  I ran home from our lunch in prayer.  I decided there was no better time than the present it's time to stop waiting for signs and just to follow God's plans for me. Christianity should not be like a coat that I wear sometimes and take off and put on.  Anyhow at the end of January I was baptized by pastor Ben at IMC. Almost all of my family got to come and a TON of my friends came to support me.   My whole citigroup came up on stage to support me and pray for me - it was awesome.  My apologies for the cheesy grin in the above photo that water was "cold" and I had "shock face" before that and I distinctly remember telling myself to smile for the camera.
Photos were taken from Indy Metro Church's Facebook.


Anna said...

Nice photos! I wondered when you would post them.

thea said...

Very, very cool! Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate with you!