Favs on Friday - iPhone Photos

If  you haven't already noticed 75% of my photos taken these days are snapped on my iPhone - which is really quite sad because my SLR takes much better photos.  But regardless my I have documented my life in 1,000 ways til Sunday and I love it.  So thus this weeks favorite thing is iPhone photos.  iPhone photos I love you even if sometimes you make my sparkley shirt look like fireworks and your coloring is off - you still can be snapped in two seconds from the time I pull the phone from my pocket.  Too see more favorites check out here.
Oh and photo collages taken from random Feb happenings this has been a strange month. Bring on more strange I got this!


Shay said...

That's the beauty of technology ...you can document life as it happens.

Love your very cool photos.

thea said...

your iphone photos are great -- it gives you the opportunity to take so many more pictures than you otherwise would. And gives me the chance to live vicariously ..

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great pics and I guess you always have your iPhone with you so no chances are missed.

Amanda said...

I've just started using instalagram which is fun, but I love my iPhone I always have it so most of my shots theses days are also taken on my phone even though I have an slr.

Kate said...

Fun shots!