Let's take like a minute to talk about Katie + running - and go:
I started running in like April of last year.
I didn't like it.
I hated it.
I was slow as molasses.
I dragged Lita to the track a handful of times.
I didn't want to run more than a quarter of a mile before I started walking.
I kept thinking I would like it.
I wasn't consistent.
I only ran when I felt like it or the weather was nice or the hotel treadmill was open.
I was lame. 
I ran/jogged maybe 70 miles from April to November.
I set a goal to run 40 miles in November.
I didn't hit 40 miles but I was consistent.
I got out and ran around the block and then around it again.
I found I ran faster not fast but faster.
I decided to make it a habit and either before work, at lunch or after-work I would run.
I went for a jog before going to play or showering.
I found I could run a mile continuously it wasn't that hard.
I slowed down a bit in December.
I was not impressed by the cold.
I didn't have access to treadmills in hotels.
I hear my bad ankle crack outside.
I actually slipped on black ice on Christmas Eve bruised my backside and cut my hand.
I got up again and ran on the 26th regardless.
I set another goal 366 miles in 2012, in January.
I am not planning to run marathons. 
I am not planning to run as fast as I did at 18.
I am not planning to run every day. 
I am just planning to run.
I bought underarmour and actual running socks.
I ran 21 days in January.
I ran when my feet felt heavy.
I ran when it was snowy.
I ran when it was cold enough to freeze my fat.
I ran when it was rainy.
I ran in between conference calls.
I ran down hills.
I ran up hills.
I ran to meet people.
I ran home from meeting people.
I ran faster than Jono. 
I ran 3 miles without walking.
I ran 4 miles without walking.
I wasn't fast. 
I wasn't as slow as I thought.
I took a few days off - so what.
I keep thinking that I will start to like running.
I actually still do NOT like running.
I can however say it's not on the hate list anymore.
I am proud to say I am already 20 miles ahead of my goal of 366 miles for 2012.
And that's all I have to say about that.



thea said...

Congratulations!! You go girl!! You are quite inspiring. Maybe I should start running. I don't like it either. I have a gym at work and I could start. I'm thinking about doing that on Monday. I don't want to but maybe I should anyway.

Lita Marie (: said...

Yeah Katie!
You go girl!
this is mom and Lita signing out on Lita's site!