TURF - Presented by IDADA

This is quite possibly my favorite Super Bowl exhibit experience in the city and it has nothing to do with football!   They converted the old Interim Library into art installations featuring Indianapolis Artists.  It's FREE!  It's accessible! It's COOL!
I wish I had photographed all the installations but instead you get just a snippet.  I'm so glad I got down there before the last day of the exhibit - which I think is tomorrow.   Anyhow many of the exhibits are interactive they encourage touching and moving around to see them from different angles.  Many use recycled materials and multi-media format.  Check it out if your in Indy it's worth finding parking in the Super Bowl Chaos and going - FYI it's a quick jog from Mass Ave. 
Anyhow enjoy some snaps I shot, which don't really do it justice.


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Mandy Crandell said...

Oh wow! Is this still up? I had no idea!