One Month Down - Da List Status

January FLEW past me. It was a crazy good month.  So many local adventures, so many friendships strengthening and blossoming, so many good talks, so many laughs, so many good things.  With the exception of the first I spent the entire month sleeping in my own bed and I didn't even travel out of the state.  This might be the first month since 2007 that actually happened.  And you know I'm okay with it and it's a bit weird but it's cool all at the same time.  I learned I can just "Chill" and I even enjoy "Chilling".   

Anyhow an update on "Da List" for January:
I crossed 6 items off the list.
  • #3 Trivia Night
  • #10 Restyle Filing Cabinet
  • #23 See Live Music - I went to Worship Roadshow and saw a live musician in Starbucks.
  • #25 Vintage Game Night
  • #32 Lunch with Jilly
  • #45 Send JJ and FCH a MLK/Christmas Gift 

I started on 8 others.
  • #2 Study the Bible More
  • #11 Run 366 Miles
  • #12 Visit Thea and Paul - Travel booked.
  • #22 Monthly Hikes with Momo
  • #44 10 Crafty Projects
  • #47 Document Life
  • #50 Read a Book a Week
  • #51 Monthly Videos
Anyhow enjoy some random Instagrams from January.


1 comment:

thea said...

Nice work on the list. Looking forward to your visit.