Hiking with Momo Adventures #1 - Cultural Trail

This is an art installation and the solar panels collect energy to light this up during the night.
So last weekend we did hike #1 for the monthly hiking with momo adventures (#22 on Da List).  Since it was January and weather in Indiana could be a foot of snow or sunny and 55 I thought it best to do a paved trail.  So we hiked Indianapolis cultural trail.  For those of you that don't know what this is it's a trail that connects all the cultural districts in Indianapolis to each other with bike/walking/handicapped accessible paths all built with green products and there are art installations along the way.  It's actually probably one of the coolest urban things happening in Indy, and they are still building it.  It has a part that is pretty near me that is still under construction but maybe soon I will be able to bike into Indy without feeling like I will be killed by a semi on the roads.
We walked from the War Memorial along Alabama - which isn't far but it was chilly so it was far enough for Momo.  I invited my friend Busyao to join us and I think she had fun.  It was a beautiful day for a hike despite the chill.  Anyhow enjoy the photos. 
Starting point. They haven't changed the War Memorial Plaza much for the trail.

All the intersections have painted lanes.

More of the  texture of the path.

Mosaic at the Murat Theater it's awesomesauce.

That mural on the wall there is one of the 46 mural's painted for SuperBowl 46.  I'm going to tour them all soon.

Our feet on the trail.

Love the hexagon pavers - good call city planners.

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thea said...

What fun! Glad you and Momo were able to go for a hike!