So this one time my friend invited me to the Jimmy Fallon Show...

you can see from this photo we also had great seats!
and I actually told her "no" because I had a bunch of things to do and well I haven't really had much "home" time.  But then I changed my mind.  And even though I had never even seen the show I'm am so glad I did change my mind.  I rushed downtown to meet her and two other friends and we got wristbands and tickets and strict instructions on when to be here for the live taping and what not.    And then we spent the day seeing TURF one last time and then going two super bowl parties and then going to the Jimmy Fallon show which was the first LIVE taping ever.   It was truly an awesome experience.     
I appreciated Jimmy's opening number which was like a tribute to Indiana in a goofy sort of way.  And then special guests were some world champion giants, Adam Sandler, and Andy Sandberg and musical guest FloRIDA.  And of course Jimmy was funny too.  All that was great but my most favorite part was actually - the house band "The Roots".  
How did I not know about the Roots until now - do I live in a bubble?  They are kind of like a mix between rap and jazz and they have a excellent tuba player with hips like Elvis (SWOON).    I'm now only slightly obsessed and I have downloaded several of their albums.   If you have never heard of them google "Walk Along" on youtube.  
Anyhow big shout out to my friend Adam for the tickets and to Amy for inviting me and persuading me that I should go.  I learned my lesson I will keep saying "Yes".
Jimmy Fallon in Hilbert Circle Theater (snapped by nate)
Damon Bryson Image from here.
Image from Jimmy Fallon Live Website. That's Jimmy chest butting the mayor.
PS this post is in lu of the Tuesday 10 because well - I had three things on the list "Jimmy Fallon" and "the Roots"  and "Damon Bryson" - so they deserve their own blog.

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thea said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!!