Bread. # 7 - Beer Bread

This bread was a disaster.  The downfall was the mad matter IPA I used but it's what we had.  I do not recommend this beer for beer bread I would use something else.  
I used this recipe however I only used 1/2 cup bread flour and the rest was self rising flour.  http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2013/04/02/honey-beer-bread-recipe/ 
#babyburf helped me with the bread too. 
Hers the final product.  The texture of the bread was good it had a nice crisp outside and a soft middle but alas that IPA was over powering.  We tasted it and then sent it to Dustin's work for his coworkers. 

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thea said...

never made beer bread. do you suppose it's just that the IPA has so much "flavor"? maybe a milder beer would work better?