14 on 14 - July

This month was bound to be dominated by our newborn since about 60% of my day is spent holding him or feeding him.  I did try and capture some other moments from our day too. 
1. Milk drunk at like 5am
2. Diaper changing baby legs
3. Someone did not want mommy to do laundry
4. Also he was not interested in letting me pump for him. 
5. An almost smile
6. Baby comforts baby
7. Mystery gift from ???
8. Trip to library.  
9. Super alert at library
10. Reading with mommy ( he looks into my book on Detroit. 
11. My boys 
12.  Groceries 
13. Smelling #babyburf head for the 3 millionth time
14. Selfie to wrap this month. 


thea said...

Wonderful pictures! You look great. I hope you're feeling as good as you look!

Anna said...

You and baby look great I miss you both!

Stephanie Makes said...

He is just too precious!! What wonderful photos!! Thank you so much for playing along!! Hope to see you back next month!! xoxo