Around Here With #babyburf

Around here I am tickled that my husband tells everyone about our cloth diapers and wipes (who was apprehensive before).
Around here the baby and I are binge watching HBO series's on Amazon Prime.  We have started Big Love, Deadwood, Six Feet Under and Rome.  We are currently finishing off Rome.
Around here we are overloaded with leftovers from the meal train our friends have been bringing since the baby came.  It's good to be loved.
Around here we are catching up on sleep whenever possible.  
Around here we have many visitors loving on sweet baby Jones. 
Around here I can't stop smelling my babies head or marveling in his magic. 
Around here we have ordered baby announcements - I found a way to use the 5 coupons I had even though I Can only use one per person!  
Around here I am a pumping and feeding machine however the baby somehow has not grown bigger. 
Around here we are never caught up on laundry. 
Around here I love the many faces of Jones he's so expressive.
Around here we are learning the new ins and outs of being a family of 3.

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thea said...

Very sweet pictures. Love the "around here".