#babyburf one month

Dear #babyburf - 
it's official we've had you now for an entire month.  It's been a month of highs and lows and just plain magic. 
Daddy literally spent the first few weeks walking around like a zombie.  We learned very quickly that he needs his sleep much more than mommy.   He can't wait to hold you when he gets off work and he's been known to actually wake you up so you can snuggle him.   Daddy likes when we feed you from the bottle so he can have a turn.  And he's even had several nights in with just you and him while mommy goes out - he admits he's been a little flustered  but mostly because he's jealous you like me better and I can instantly sooth you whereas it's a struggle for him.  He likes to make up silly songs for you and has about a million nicknames for you although I keybash them all.  
You and I spend lots of alone time together.  You crack me up the way you struggle to move your hands and the faces you make especially after eating.  I adore the way you want to hold my finger while you eat and when getting baths.  I treasure all the snuggles you give me.   Sometimes I blow raspberries on your neck and this is perplexing to you it's like you can't tell if you should cry or laugh.  I take like 100 photos of you a day, I am so enamored by your magic.   
Things of note at one month: 
+You eat around 2-3 oz at a time. 
+Your eyes are very alert. I swear sometimes you actually can see and focus on me.   You even cried real tears on your birthday. 
+You are starting to get into a routine sleeping and we get a good 5-6 hours in a row at night.  
+you make interesting squeaks and noises which are neither cries or screaming.
+you have neonatal acne which makes me nuts.  
+you love to be swaddled at night.  We call this your burrito.  
+nothing fits you quite right bit even newborn clothes.  
+ everyone compliments you on your good looks when we go out.
+ you aren't back up to your birthweight yet weighing in at 7lbs 15oz and still 23.75 inches although sometime you measure shorter because you won't stretch out.  
Anyhow we think you are pretty much amaze balls and can't believe we made you. Don't grow up to fast jonesy. 
Love your mommy
PS you were not having these photos I took of you in your blue chair.  You had just eaten and been changed but a fit still ensued. 
Yup it was. All pretty much like that. 

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