Totally Rad 1980s Going away Party

So in like two weeks Kathleen is moving back to Bowling Green for grad school.  We are super sad to say the least.  So we threw Kathleen a 1980s themed picnic. We had a spread of 1980s foods -  manwich, twinkies, fruit rollups, Mac and cheese and cool ranch Doritos.  Oh and Capri Suns to drink.  
We dressed up in 1989s costumes including baby jones (don't all babies need sweat bands).  Not too many people wore costumes but you know we we did - Kathleen went for late 1980s Denise Huxtable from the cosbys while I was 1980s workout.  

We also gave party favors of cassette tapes with Kathleen's picture in them.  They were a big hit despite nobody having a cassette player.  
It was a good party thanks to everyone who came. 


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thea said...

Looks like a fun time! sorry Kathleen is leaving though.