19 Months of Jones

We found the a mural under I-65.  It's one of the super bowl murals we thought it was a rather fun one before we stood in front of it Jones was giving it excited fists and running towards it careful of tripping on leaves.
Dear Jonesy -
This month you started talking like crazy. 
You parrot lots of words.
You also are remembering them. 
It's so great because we can actually communicate.  I often tell daddy what you need as he doesn't know what you are saying.
You started catching the ball in catch and not just throwing it.
You know what marching, jumping and bouncing are although you aren't so great at them.  Like jump doesn't bring you off your feet.
You are developing your little personality so much it's sooo cute.  
You get a big cheesy grin when we tell you good job, or get excited with you.
You also are starting to test your boundaries we started giving you timeouts and just telling you NO and meaning it and this has brought on some fits.

You say "mine" way too much.
You loved going to the museum this month and having the big kids over several times for small group.
You like eating cheese and beans and your really into oranges right now.
You also like chocolate.
You still are hovering right around 26.5lbs. 
We've been preparing for the baby and you like to mention the baby often.  
You also try to get her out my belly button.
You can do the slide on your own.
Climbing is your new jam.
We have been working on coloring, painting, play dough and sticker time usually once a day.  And you love it especially markers!
You build block towers, play in your kitchen, and love to get your tools out when we are working on a project.
Recently you learned to count and can do 1-2-3 on your own.  
And you are learning alphabet sounds... My favorite bit is "A is for alligator sounds like aaaaah, B is for Bear sounds like bbbbbaa,  C is for Cat sounds like Meow".  This cracks daddy and I up as well as your teachers.
Your teachers love how chatty you are as most of the kids aren't verbal yet, and you have learned almost everyone in classes name even.  
One of the little girls however has learned your name and she gets so excited to see you and calls for you and hugs you when you get to school.
Oh little Jonesy you are so much fun.
Love Mommy

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thea said...

wonderful 19 month post!! can't wait to see him again.