Best of 2015

2015 wasn't exactly the best year ever it was full of challenges and trials wth some moments of magic.  Here's my best of list...
The best snowman was our March Snow Man.
Best face paint and record breaking the fever game where we also broke the world record of glow sticks!
This still cracks me up.  Best glamour shot.
Creepiest Easter bunny no seriously creepy!
We didn't go on many trips at all but we did go to Colorado and to the hot springs it was such a good find in the middle of the snow.
Best local activity was Chreece seriously who's not into local hip hop and FREE!
Best fall activity was out family apply picking.
Our biggest surprise was a tiny miracle we can't wait to meet her!
Best birthday obviously jones's first birthday.
Our saddest moment was by far the loss of Vanoskey we still wonder when he's going to pop in for dinner.
Best wedding Lita and Nigel I think last year was the first in many years where like 5 weddings weren't on the agenda.
Best cookie decorating Halloween
Best guerrilla art #Leftforyou

Babies in Christmas pageants are soooo adorable.

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