Christmas was sooooo busy.  It also snuck right up on me.  Christmas Eve I wrapped all my gifts literally (don't advise this ever).  This was the first year we did secret Santa with my family and it was great because there are 11 of us including Momo there's soooo much buying to do and to simplify we drew names. This was great despite my person not making a list :( it saved money and made opening much easier.  
Anyhow after staying up until 1:30 wrapping presents, I went to bed.  Jones of course woke up at 4 wide eyed and wouldn't go back to sleep so I put him in our bed.  Where he got up three times and came into the living room because he was very interested in the Christmas gifts now piled by the tree.  His initial reaction was "oh wow".
"See tree" he said.  I finally got him to stay in bed and go back to sleep by closing the door so he couldn't go back out there.  
We got up again around 8:30 and this time we got daddy up and opened presents from Santa and us.  Initially he didn't understand opening the packages but he learned fast.
Jonesy got a table and chairs and a kitchen set.  He also got a bunch of books and small things like play dough, watercolors and markers etc. His favorite gift was markers he wanted to draw immediately but we needed to get out the door to grandma Lola's so we put them up. 
We opened more gifts and hung out at Lola's for a while.  And then went onto Aunt Wendy's and played Bingo and ate lunch.  Jones again wanted to open up all the gifts.
We then headed to Uncle Joes and Aunt Alicia's for dinner, presents and games.  Jonesy was very into Christmas all day it was so very cute.

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