Tuesday 10 - End of January

Here's a little love list...
#1 visit to the ice tree
#2 Jonesy has been trying to help out recently the other day he brought "meow" and his tools to help us remove a stubborn stable or two in the babies room. Too cute.
#3 jones's fishy face.
#4 19 month photos!
#5 progress in Thea's room.  Thanks auntie Kathleen for helping paint and blending into the wall.
#6 successful first IMQG meeting of 2016
#7 girls trip to see kinky boots. Complete with backstage access.
#8 littlest library - I am spotting more and more of these and they are sooo cute.
#9 seeing these two play.  
#10 these super mega tall socks Momo bought me they are extra warmth when all your jeans don't fit in the winter.  (Photo doesn't show the height they can be pulled above my knees).

1 comment:

thea said...

another great 10. I love those little libraries too! have you used any yet?