Procrastination at its Best!

We have majorly procrastinated thru this pregnancy.  Part of our procrastination was busyness, part of it was lack of extra spending money, and toss in a little just being tired to the mix and we aren't really ready to have a baby in the next month.  We're ready mentally and probably physically as well and the doctor is telling us any day she could come.  But ...
We haven't finished her room.
Her dresser is not painted.
I haven't washed her clothes donated by a friend or jones old things we saved.
We have not replaced the baby seat with one I don't hate.
I have not written a birth plan.
We haven't bought new bottles to replace the ones we've lost/broken.
We don't have a double stroller.  
We need to buy a twin bed frame.
We still have the full bed occupying her room (craigslist buyers have contacted me like 10 times but yet nobody comes to get the stupid thing).
Purchased a winter cover for her baby seat.
I haven't made her a quilt.  
Oh and things are majorly misplaced in our room while we do the floors in her room.  
Ahhh Procrastination.  
I did make a handwritten list so we could start knocking things out better. On the bright side we have -
Brought her new dresser to Indy.
Removed the nasty carpet.
The floors were not needing repair.
Cleaned the Rock and Play.
Received a whole bunch of donated wintery girl clothes, towels, and blankets from my coworker. 
Received lots of cute clothes from friends and family.
This weekend we are focusing on working on finishing her room.  
Hopefully she stays put a while yet.

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