729/1000 miles

I rounded out December adding 66 miles to my tally.  And that includes a few days where my Fitbit was in the bottom of the clothes basket.
This gives me 729 of my 1000 miles it's possible I actually hit the 1000 with my inconsistencies but we'll never know.  What I learned about trying to track my steps this year was if you want to track them you have to wear and charge the Fitbit.  
Additionally on months where I made a more of an effort to remember I averaged around 2-3 miles per day which isn't necessarily amazing but I would have been on track to hit the 1000 steps if I had met the 3 miles a day.  
Moving forward I don't plan to track it at the same level or really try and stay on top of wearing my Fitbit regularly (it's not my jam).  I do hope to work on running again after the new baby comes even if it's slow and not long distance.  Jones likes to go out and the park is like 5 blocks.  

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