Tuesday 10 - Bringing it Back

Bringing back my Tuesday 10, because I want to make more of a continual effort to blog.  So with that here goes...
1. Meal Prep - in the last week several we have eaten meals I froze a few weeks back when I made two of the same meal and froze it.  This is so amazing. Dinner was cooked eaten and served by 6:30 last night and cleanup was so easy. If you have ideas for more of this please share. 

2. Pod Save America - this is one of my favorite podcasts.  

3. Panda Toms - I might need to buy some for the whole family.  
4. Kix Cereal - this is my preferred breakfast these days.

5. Toddlers Puddle Jumping - so good

6. How to Be Amazing - yup another Podcast I used to find Michael Ian Black annoying but I rather like this podcast.  I especially liked Tim Gunn and Lin Manual Miranda.  I also plan to ask people the five questions in social settings.  

7. Big Bows - seriously I think this is why I needed a daughter so I could buy up all the giant bows to put on her.
8. One Second Everyday App - seriously this is my favorite ongoing project I love this app.

9.  IMQG Kids - I love these ladies and their babies.  So neat to see them growing up.   

10. Mini Vans - for my birthday last year we got a mini van and I am total convert.  Even though with two kids we could totally have a sedan I love the ease of my van.  And the latest one has heated seat, a fancy DVD, and built in GPS.  

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