Tuesday 10 - SPRING!

1. IMQG - like 7 years ago some of my crafty friends and I started this thing called Indy Modern Quilt Guild.   Seriously I love this group.  It's inspiring, it's friendships, it's creative, it's giving, it's everything.
2. Richard Simmons Missing - yep another podcast.  This one I gobbled up so fast.  I look forward to the final episode this week.  Kathleen and I have only discussed it like 10 times in the last few weeks. 
3. fried Rice - this one is entirely made from leftovers and so good
4. Hexies - started a new project this weekend it's like a million hexagons, hand pieced.  This is so not my usual thing but I am totally digging it. 

5.  9 Lives Cat Cafe - when looking for an indoor activity while it was sooo cold outside we discovered the Cat Cafe near us and took our kids. Surprisingly it's so popular you need a reservation so we went to goodwill while we waited but the kids loved it.  It was a good exposure to cats without actually having a cat. 

6. Conversations with Jones - he's such a character he always asks me about my day.  And what I am doing, it's so cute to see him learn. 
7.  Hammy Downs - as a kid I hated never getting new things but recently one of our friends hooked us up with like 150 summer clothes for the kids and this will save us sooo much money as Jones is growing too tall for his 2Ts and Thea has only warmer things, and I am finding it's more and more difficult to get nice things at the thrift store.

8. Thea's wave - she waves like a princess except she twists her hand too.  Too adorable 
9. Almost being finished with my taxes. 
10. Black Leggings (ps I totally think they are pants.)

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