Theaburf One Year

Thea Lady
Here we are at one.  We've now been completely around the sun one time.  What a year it's been.  We started out so fast and so good.  And then you were a screamer.  You spent sooooo much time crying.  You wanted to eat all the time.  But what a good eater you were.  And then we started having you play and be distracted and we discovered you needed new scenario, stimulation, interactivity - and you stopped screaming.  You matured fast crawling and walking so early.  You developed a little sass and spunk.  You are soooo smart.  Such a thinker.  Fine motor skills so refined.  Just a big personality in a tiny little body.
You finally got back on the growth charts.  You are 20 lbs and 29.5 inches tall.  You are transitioning to whole milk and eating only solid foods.  You can sign, more, eat, yes, no, milk, and all done.  You say - mama, dada, dog, done, bottle, bebe, bye bye, bath, hi, yes, no.
Your hair is growing in and we can't decide if it will be blonde or red.  You have 4.5 teeth.
You love to mimic jones.  You climb.  You dance.  You clap. You like to play dress up, kitchen, blocks, and basketball.  
You like to wear shoes.  You can still wear 6 month clothes.  You put on hairbows. You take off hairbows. You try to put on your jackets.  
You seem to understand me and give me responses when I say something like let's go! Or bathtime.  You give me hugs and kisses all on your own.  You run with joy when I get you from school.  
We are so glad you joined our family girl.  
Love mama

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thea said...

What a wonderful year of baby Thea1