2 - Tarkington Park

Tarkington Park was on my list since they re-did it.  And oh boy what a fun place.  Both Jones and Thea loved this park both the old playground and the new.  Fun items for any age.  And unique playground items - funky spiderwebs, cool climbing towers, porch swings, and merrygorounds. And my most favorite moment was Jones saw boys about 8 playing basketball, and he asked me if he could go play too.  I told him he could ask the boys to see if they would let him play.  They agreed.  And he ran around guarding (chasing) them and few times they gave him the ball and he passed, dribbled or took a long shot.  They were sooo gracious to him, he loved it.  When I asked him to come away so they could resume playing more aggressive.  He asked me if next time we could bring our own ball - I assured him we would.   Anyhow I would totally recommend this park it's cool.

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