17 - Randy's Quilt

Sometime last year I cut all my fabric scraps smaller than a fat quarter into either charm squares or strips.  Varying sizes. Anything that didn't make the cut I put into a bag and gave it away.  It was soooo liberating it freed up a bunch of space in my drawers and it also created a stash of fabrics I could easily put into projects.  The first project that I used these scraps for was Randy's baby quilt.  Randy is the son of my friend Jackie from Boston (who now resides in NY).  He's a super cutie (see photo). 
Anyhow for this quilt I just grabbed strips at random from the bin and sewed them into the top.  Sort of jelly roll-esque it went super fast.  The top was pieced with some kiddish scraps from my quilty friends and some other stash stuff.  I quilted it with wavy freehanded lines.  Binding and done.  I always love these super scrappy quilts.   

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