39 - Take Babies to Parade

I took off St Patrick's day to take the kids to the parade.  It was rainy and chilly so I bundled them up, our green on the bottom as we have no green outerwear. And we picked up Kathleen and met Lynley and Graham. We got there right at the start because of the weather there were less people there.  The rain held off.  Jones was especially excited by the motorcycles, bands and all the candy.  Thea was very memorized as well, she kept clapping and waving.  After a while she wanted to get up and go out into the parade.  

After the parade Jones couldn't quit talking about it.  Still today he keeps asking me when's the next parade, can daddy come to the next parade, and Will the motorcycles be in the parade.  It's so cute, totally worth the cold. 

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thea said...

Looks like you had a good time!