"Da List" 52 Things in 2012

2012 already that means it's time for another list!  Last year I completed 34 items on my list and I finished two things 1/2 way.  As I've said before it's not about completing everything as much as it is exploring things I want to do and holding myself accountable.  2011 was a great year so many memorable moments.  My friend Rachael told me that it was the year of the girlfriend - she is partially right as for me it was more the year of the friends.  I easily made 10 new friends last year - lasting great friendships and I strengthened other friendships I had as well.  It was the year of the penguin for our family and we went off on many penguin adventures.  It was also a good year for crafting even though I have so many 1/2 finished projects.   
Anyhow I'll be recapping some special moments later this week but without further ado here is "Da List" of goals.
1. Station Wagon (you still allude me)
2. Study the Bible more - Lets consider this finished - I did several bible studies and some daily readings maybe 1/4 of the year.
3. Trivia night - Done and we won with our secret weapon aka Lynley (you rock girl)
4. Go to the Horse Races
5. Have SJ and Jackie to Indy
6. Finish 12 quilts - #1,#2,#3, #4,#5, #6
7. Layover trip with Jono - Not a traditional Layover but I think we did some serious eating in Detroit considering this done.
8. Go Camping - Memorial Day Done!
9. Family Vacation (oh how we look forward to these) - Mini Family Vacation - Done!
10. Restyle my Filing Cabinet - Done
11. Run 366 miles
12. Visit Thea and Paul - Complete
13. Use my letterpress
14. IMQG Showdown (yes that's right I'm putting it on my list)
15.Take Lita to a Club
16. Italy, Asia, or Africa
17. Make end tables - Bought repurposed - DONE
18. Go back to college or at least take a class
19. Give tell it hurts - This is hard to quantify but I gave more than I have any other year both in time and and money - so I'm satisfied with this.
20. _____________ with JJ and FCH - We went to CVS?  I also went Dress Shopping with JJ - So let's consider this done.
21. Kitchen Remodel - DONE
22. Monthly Hiking Adventures with Momo and Family. - #1 Cultural Trail, #2 Easter To Church, #3 Secret Agent Momo's Day,
23. See some live music - Done Worship Roadshow, Starbucks Acoustics,
24. Make something in my food processor - Smoothies twice.  DONE
25. Vintage Game Night - Complete
26. Grow another vegetable - beans, broccoli, asparagus - DONE New kind of Tomatoes - they were green.
27. Canvas painting with Alicia
28. Adventure with Jeanne and Kim - Individually with each - DONE
29. Install my new door
30. Thrift at least once a quarter with Rach and Tish
31. Dinner at new restaurants - Complete both in Indy and Raleigh.
32. Lunch with Jilly B - CHECK
33. Seal my floors
34. Spend time with Minniears
35. Spring Break in Montreal - Complete
36. FaceTime Sammie - Complete
37. Scrapbook with Queen
38. Brown County Hike with Schreve and Alicia
39. Naco Taco truck with Kathleen
40. Eat at Recess
41. Clean the studio - Sorta
42. Watch some of my favorite movies
43. ______ with my Citigroup - DONE - We had so many fun moments adventures in 2013 my favorite by far was basketball even though it wasn't exclusively citigroup.
44. 10 crafty projects - Crafty #1,Craft #2,Craft #3, Craft #4, Craft #5, Craft #6, Craft #7, Craft #8 not photoed Ornaments for IMQG and for Dustin
45. Send JJ and FCH a MLK/Christmas Gift - COMPLETE AND RECEIVED
46. Ride a new bike trail - Complete Montreal
47. Document Life - Done - Project Life, Blogging, Videos all good documentation.
48. Visit Memphis
49. Do something out of my comfort zone - Wedding Dress Shopping This Takes the cake on this one.
50. Read a Book a Week - Started See 52 Books
51. Continue with the monthly videos - 1-10 DONE - I need to finish off the last few but I have to pick the song first - considering this finished though. 
52. Make Another List - DONE
PS if you want you can also make a list even if it's not 52 things and link up on my Aunt Thea's Blog here.



thea said...

I am so excited that you linked up with me!! This is a first for me .. rats. If I had put it on my list I could check it off already.

thea said...

some great things on the list btw. I especially like #12, but I'm selfish like that. run 366 miles. amazing.

Lindsay Conner said...

What a fun and ambitious list-- I love it! I will try to help you with at least one of those... let's throw down. ;)