Indianapolis - B's Po Boy

Jono, Lo and I went to B's Po Boy the other night for dinner. It's a new place in Fountain Square near some of our other favorite spots and naturally it's convenient to the bungalow. They have Bocce ball there too however we did not plan since it was like 100 and we were kinda drained from the sun already. The atmosphere is very cool  I love the paneled wall and lack of plates.  But we did enjoy some Po Boy sandwiches. I had the BBQ and sweet potato fries which were both very good. Jono also got the gumbo which I tried and it was REALLY yummy great flavor. We would have liked it better sans rice but we just like this spicey.  I got D a BBQ shrimp Po Boy to go and he loved it.  He commented on how excellent the bread was even though he was eating his sandwich like an hour after it was made.  We'll go back again for sure. 

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Anonymous said...

I love love love sweet potator fries!! lovely pics.

Mandy Crandell said...

Awesome! I just checked out the menu, and there's a vegetarian option!