#33 Go To Art Museum with Momo

So this weekend Kathleen and I went to spend the weekend with my mom.  And we also crossed off #33 from the 2014 list.  Yes and yes!  
We took her to the Cincinnati Museum of Art since it's relatively close to her house.  The museum is in a big old building in Eden Park.  It's free except for parking and I love that, especially since I rarely spend more than a few hours in a museum.
We wandered around the museum catching all the high points, including the warhol's, Calder, Van Gogh, Cassatt, and rookwood pottery.  I am actually still pretty sharp at identifying artists even though it's been years since I studied art.
I couldn't take photos of many of my favorite pieces they had (not allowed) but I did snap a few like this Ed Hopper.  I really like his work.
Afterward we had lunch at Rookwood which is in the Old Rookwood pottery studio - great atmosphere. They have excellent lemonade excellent I say.  And I rather enjoyed the Grippo fries.  And having studied ceramics (like 100 years ago) I found it neat to be in a former ceramic shop.   It was a good time.

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thea said...

sounds like a fun time and those fries look delish!