Growing a Baby 25ish Weeks

We are over the half way point of this pregnancy everything seems to be going and growing good. It's starting to seem more real. It will probably hit me even more so when we actually get him a crib and I feel like we are more prepared.
I am still tired and pretty much able to nap/fall asleep at any point in the day. I have felt my pelvic bone stretching and/or adjusting for the baby and it's very odd indeed. Something most people leave out about being pregnant is the amount of gas you have - I honestly don't think it has anything to do with what I eat but I get it on the regular, which is kind of repulsive. I've gained only 5 lbs however they tell me that little baby burf is around 2-3 cm bigger than normal, when I told the doctor how big Dustin and I were she wasn't surprised but sorry! Lol! 
I don't really have cravings however I have a renewed interest in eating cheap frozen pizza and pickles, and mixing things up in bowls. I have been trying to drink all that milk and get enough protein - in fact we've actually been finishing gallons of milk and cheese before they go bad which wasn't something that happened often here in the past. But some days I just don't want milk or protein and I fall a little short on that.  
Baby burf moves all the time especially at night, or when in the car. Dustin hasn't been able to feel him move yet but he constantly is trying when I tell him that the baby is moving. I keep telling him perhaps when he's bigger. 
I'm trying to avoid buying a whole bunch of maternity clothes because if I'm only going to wear it for several more months it seems silly and I am cheap!  Oh and maternity jeans for flat butted ladies like myself are HORRIBLE. I have yet to find a pair that fits right in the back, and the whole idea of just "chopping off" the top of the pants and adding spandex is so goofy. I did breakdown however and get about 5 pairs of pants/leggings and just a few tops because I don't want to always wear sweats. I also am in need of some new bras but I'm putting that off as well.  I'm very grateful that I'm working from home now because that makes it easier as I don't need to wear business attire.  
We registered the other day, I am probably much pickier than I ever thought, I am finding the need to want read all the reviews, and research everything. I don't care much for things too plasticity, goofy cartoon animals, sayings including daddy loves you, and really anything that looks too "babyish". Clearly I have forgotten that we're having a baby. I literally spent like 45 minutes the other day trying to decide on what towels because they were all either not 100% cotton or had a critter on them - only to come to the conculsion that we would just use the ones we have, apprently however these are not as soft as baby towels and he should have baby ones or so I'm told. So I finally just picked something.  This should not be that complex right?  Dustin had very few opinions on the registering aside from safety, and wanting to have a playpen/packn'play and he selected that in like two seconds!  Hah clearly I need to get over it.
We also started painting the babies room, well priming it.  It took me a lot less time deciding what I wanted to do when I got to the Lowes and just bought the paints.  I am excited as well that someone is going to come do the floors once we rip the carpet out in there the idea of sanding them myself again is not really something I look forward too.

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thea said...

Let's see .. it's funny how doctors don't always look at the parents when the measure the baby .. yay that he's growing. I had a friend (under 5 foot) whose baby was small and the doctors were freaking out, really? Where did you register? and no, you don't really need baby towels. I remember the sleeping thing, kind of nice to fall asleep so easily.