At the bungalow

Around here we are kind of getting sick of all the snow and/or leftovers of it lingering around.
We are reducing our spending eating out and have been fixing most meals at home.
We are wanting a new dishwasher.
We are never caught up on matching socks or laundry.
Around here we are getting ready for the baby.
We are discussing things like parenting, and paint.
We are getting excited and bought him a bunch of stuff. 
We both agree we don't care so much for clothes that say things.
But we love baby sweaters!
We also decided we don't want the tv to babysit and will not be having horrible children's music or wiggles or the like (raffi was approved).
Around here I have been jamming on Rusted Root and John Legend (awkward mix).
I have found I love peanut butter multigrain Cheerios. 
I like an evening nap.
I dislike maternity jeans. 
I have really big horrible morning hair. 
Around here Dust is being called in almost every day.
Dust is excited about the climbing gym.
He eats St. Elmo's cocktail sauce on almost everything (thx Jono).
Dust is possibly more excited about baby clothes than me.
He wants to buy a work truck so we have a second car.
He was so excited to get to have his nephew for the weekend.
Around here we got good seats at the pacers.
We celebrated valentines day early since Dustin is on call. 
There's 8 pairs of shoes at the backdoor. 
We need toothpaste.
We got tix to Portland, Oregon for under $300 (which is unusual). 
We are looking forward to going for Dustin's birthday. 
Around here we are settling into the new usual life where I don't pack a suitcase weekly.  
This is our life. 


thea said...

btw, the laundry is only going to get worse ... love all the baby clothes.

Mandy Crandell said...

Super cute outfits!!! And is it weird that I love your morning hair?