February - 14 on 14

Again in Feburary I did 14 photos on the 14th and again at the end of the day I realized I was several photos behind.  But I got them taken.  Feburary 14th was valentines day and I had the day off so it was also slightly a little more exciting than normal, oh and we had a mini snow storm.  Anyhow here's my photos -
1 - I took dust to work I am pretty sure he was still asleep
2 - the skyline from I-70
3 - I am sick of snow boots so I put on my new keds for valentines
4 - another doctor appointment they told us baby burf is about 3cm bigger than normal 
5 - I went to meijer for dust's valentine present (classy I know)
6 - there's bush stadium seats by PUP outside my local library & the snowstorms started
7 - I left dust's valentines day present in the fridge and went to see mom for the weekend since he was working (beer and hot wings)
8 - roses from our girls valentines dinner at Phan shin it was a nice treat.
9 - we took Momo to Kroger
10 - Kathleen watching the Olympics 
11 - Momo wanted to pose Olympic like.
12- then so did Kathleen 
13 - figure skating on tv
14 - taking my contacts out around 11:35pm.

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thea said...

sorry you and Dustin didn't get to spend Valentine's Day together -- your mom must have enjoyed it though.