Thinking on #babyburf nursery

I have been thinking on what I want to do for the nursery for #babyburf.  I am pretty sure that I want it to be black and white with just some pops of blue here and there.  I don't think I want a theme or too much baby like animals because well I just don't like that stuff.  I came up with some ideas...  I like the idea of a accent wall which of course I go back and forth on.  I like the idea of perhaps making it just black with like a blue star or something.  I also like these ideas - black/white photo wall, script wall maybe with the alphabet, and polka dots (although I ruled out the dots since they aren't very boyish).
We also plan to reuse pieces we already have like the child desk I bought for $0.49 and the shelf that used to be in my craft room. If there's room I'd like to also keep a twin bed in the babies room as a day bed as we often use both guest rooms now.  I want to also get a dresser to use as the changing table, and maybe some kind of rocker - so far my thrifting adventures for these pieces have been dreadful,  but you never know!  
Here are some other ideas that caught my eye.  Sources are here, here, here, and here
We are planning to buy a new crib because after seeing all the recalls and warnings we feel this is best.  I want one that is for taller people - does such a thing exist I am not sure however after my initial look recently I feel like we'll need to dive into the crib to get him up and down if that thing is low to the ground like some I have seen.  Okay so maybe I exaggerate but seriously I am 5'11" and Dust 6'2" so most counters, toilets and other standard size things are too low.  But if it could look sort of vintage I would LOVE that. Crib links here, here, and here.  

I also plan to make #babyburf a quilt or 10!  And I think he might need a handmade mobile perhaps like this lovely...  Only in blue!

Overall though I am hoping not to get crazy buying things for him when I think about it a babies really don't need all these gadgets and such they have these days. 

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