WIP Wednesday - Scrap Vomit Quilt Tops

I am so in love with this scrap vomit quilt top I made for a friend that I made one for #babyburf too.  Both tops are mostly made entirely from scraps and/or fat quarters that I most likely will never use,  I did have to break down and buy two charm packs to have enough variety of patterns (ps they make projects go sooooo fast).  With these two tops I now have like 5 quilt tops to finish off!  I better get some batting. 

This ones for the baby it's upside down though.  I don't mind the girly prints because there's enough variety in there.  I wish however I hadn't seen these strips originally for the big one because as a result. The darks and lights seems to cluster.  But I still love it.
Anyhow that's all for now.

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thea said...

Great quilt tops! (not sure I like the name though).