14 on 14 June

I was almost certain our baby was going to be here for the 14th but he wasn't.  Our day was pretty much a slow Saturday.  
1 - we slept in.  Dusty and Floppy extra long.
2 - pop tarts for breakfast (I usually have cereal so this is a treat)
3 - worked on my challenge quilt (this is taking far too long and wastes tons of fabric
4 - dusty and I had Mexican for lunch.  The spicy salsa did not induce labor. 
5 - homemade fruit infused water
6 - a little shopping - I disliked all of these baby clothes but bought more reusable napkins.
7 - we visited Bloomington and the chocolate moose (Dustin loves this place I find their ice cream ok)
8 - we walked around Bloomington sadly Foursquare was closed
9 - giant egg outside Farm (this is still on my list of places to eat)
10 - u r mostly boring (probably true) this was written on a bathroom mirror
11- this might win the award for most awkward bathroom.   It's up three steps and standing clearance is about 5'5" I did not die but it's super awkward using this 40 wks pregnant and being 5'11"
12 - Fountain from our walk + 40 wks pregnant me
13 - graffiti wall and Dustin (Bloomington has all sorts of interesting graffitti)
14 - me and graffitti can anyone read this?  I do like that in the top right corner it says pizza and donuts lol
And that's a wrap on my images.  What started out slow ended rather well photo wise. 

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Mandy Crandell said...

Awesome photos! I haven't been to Bloomington in such a long time. Looks like there are a lot of new things around there.