Tuesday 10 - Love At This Moment

I have not posted a Tuesday 10 in ages but today I just had a hankering for a list so here's a list of things I am loving at this moment. 
1. This baby rattle.  My friends constantly tell me I need more toys for baby burf and this is approved made by Bannor Toys.  
2.  Simple Human Trash Cans.  We replaced our crappy trash can last year with a Simple Human and loved it so much.  I bought one to use as the diaper pail.  Lined with a wet dry bag we are set. 
3. Indiana Strawberries - I love these so much more than big fat California grown ones.  And it's a sign of summer. 
4. Single Girl Scrapbook's Blog aka tracyxo.com - I do realize I am not longer single but I still enjoy seeing single girls documenting their life as a former documenting single it's relate able.  I also love how she crops some of her photos they are just too fun.
5.  Wooden High Chair (thanks to Kathleen's Mom for finding this gem for me)
6. Coupons!  I am not an extreme couponer by any means but I have been saving coupons to get groceries and things for the baby and have probably saved a few hundred dollars recently 
7. Maxi Dresses - these are seriously a staple to avoid buying maternity clothes.  I'm told they are also ideal for nursing double bonus!
8. Swimming Pools - If Someone wants to give me the down payment for a house with an in-ground swimming pool I will not complain. Luckily I have some city pools nearby and a few friends with pools.

9. Getting a New Master Bed (This was long overdue).
10. When this guy wears his contacts.  I'm hoping summer brings out the contacts more than before. 

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Mandy Crandell said...

Love that rattle!