#babyburf Nursery

No longer a Work in Progress.  The Baby's nursery is finally ready.  
This dresser took us forever to locate and then my friend Kathleen just so happened to have an antique one she didn't need and it's dark wood (SOLID wood it's heavy).  That's pretty much awesome.    
Anyhow here are some completed photos.  The crib we purchased new from Amazon with a gift card.  I made the quilt, crib skirt and mobile.  The Dresser will also be his changing table but we need to get a pad to add to the top.  There's a basket with cloth wipes and changing "accessories that was re-purposed from my craft room.   And the accent wall was our pinterest fail that we just decided to own and freehand ourselves.  
 We are using a Simple Human trash can with a wet-dry bag for our cloth diapers.   The dresser contains most of his little clothes, the cloth diapers and some Project Life books (because he won't know any different ;).  I want to find a rug to match too but honestly I don't care if I don't I like the hardwoods by themselves. 
On the other side of the room. I re-purposed my old craft shelf which will hold baby things and toys, and books.   I still need to get a few more matching baskets but Megan and Dan gave me the blue striped one, and I found the green bucket at Ikea in the gardening section.  
All the others were re-purposed from my craftroom.    The blue velvet chair was a thrift store find and while I said goodbye to the sofa I held onto the chair because I love it. 
I had these prints I picked up at a art show for a mentally challenged work program like 5+ years ago maybe and I they seemed to match his room so I decided to put them up.  PS I've had them all this time and never did anything with them (they are hung straighter in real life too). 

 We hung these mirrors from Ikea up too (ignore the finger prints).   This toy box was Dustin's dad's and currently it holds blankets but at some point it can hold the baby's toys.  I want to make a matching cushion for it and already bought fabric but it's a project for another time. 

And while his closet is not entirely storing his stuff he does have a bunch of cute little outfits that we hung up for him. 
My friend Lynley and I painted his name on the wall too.  It's funky and imperfect and that's exactly what I love about it.  

Oh I would be remiss not to throw out a thanks to my project sidekick Kathleen who painted, pulled staples, opened baby boxes, sorted clothes, gave us the dresser and so much more.  THANK YOU!  
And to my husband who also puts up with my never ending projects that seem to happen in the babies room even when he disagrees with what's happening - Thanks mister!
Now all we need is the baby to show up already - and we wait. 

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thea said...

Love the room! and it's all ready now.