Book 37 - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I really wanted to read The fault In our stars but there's a waiting list at the library.  So instead I picked another book that's popular with a movie "the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larson.   The book is based in Sweden (originally written in Swedish) and is kind of a "mystery" or at least that's the way I would classify it.  This book went super fast however I thought the whole ending was rather lame.  I think it should have ended with the mystery solved not this weird banker gangster ending, it was almost as if it was added as a "quick wrap" and it wasn't that connected to the  bulk of the story.  
Anyhow onward into some other summer reading so maybe I can get to my 52 books soon.  I still want to read The Fault In Our Stars, and maybe add in Gone with the Wind to my summer list - back later with other books as I make a summer list.

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