#babyburf Third Trimester

As we wait for the arrival of our little guy I figured it was probably time for a third trimester update. While things are still fresh in my mind here's a third trimester list- 
  • Today we are at 39 weeks. 
  • He's over 8 lbs probably and actually probably about 9 lbs now. 
  • I am feeling and seeing him move around in my belly. 
  • He's very active however he likes to stop when others try to feel him moving, especially his dad.

  • I have even more heartburn - I will not miss this once the baby comes. 
  • I continually feel like I have been riding a horse as my hips and pelvic region are changing. 
  • I now waddle walk which I try not to do but sometimes it's unavoidable. 
  • I'm still not into traditional baby stuff so much but I have accepted some of it will be here it's unavoidable. (It's a struggle). 
  • I am very excited for cloth diapers and cloth wipes. 
  • We are very excited to meet and see him as are his aunts, uncles and grandparents - being the first grand baby makes it just that much more exciting. 
  • Sleeping has become more difficult at I get up at least 5 times to use the restroom at night. 
  • My pelvic has hurt significantly in the last few weeks which I find walking around and stretching seems to help. 
  • The doctor says this is because he's positioned himself lower in my pelvis (positioning himself for labor).
  • Dustin would be very pleased if he just went ahead and showed up already he asks me several times a day if the baby is coming now. 
  • He also has been telling people I'm "nesting". 
  • I'm not entirely sure he knows what nesting is which is too cute. 
  • I'm actually sick to death of everyone asking me how I feel. 
  • I have decided that maternity leave in the USA is a joke. 
  • I am grateful however to have the tiniest leave at my company. 
  • Also grateful to have good insurance that covers almost 100% of normal pregnancy stuff. 

  • Seems I'm a slacker when it comes to taking baby bump photos.
  • We wrote a birth plan. 
  • We are taking some birthing classes. 
  • I'm also guessing that he doesn't actually come until after his due date even though he's positioned, I'm dilated, and I have had sporadic contractions. 
  • I think maybe like 6/19 or 6/20.  
  • We will just see though you never know - see you soon little guy.

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    thea said...

    6/19 would be a good day. I could have a birthday buddy!! but 6/16 would be good too!!