30 - Make and Eat Salad 3:10 avocado egg salad

So I don't like mayo or mustard so I dislike egg salad so I thought why not try and make it myself with something else.  And boom it was successful and yummy.
So here's my salad:
3 chopped hard boiled eggs only one yolk (I removed the yolk of two for less cholesterol)
3 tablespoons guacamole (I used leftovers but it could have been made)
Salt and Pepper
Instructions mix 
Yep that's it.
I didn't have bread so I put it on a bagel. It was more than enough for two sandwiches.  And I rather enjoyed the mix.  Our Guac had salsa and cilantro and lime in it and I think that made it more interesting.

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thea said...

Sounds interesting and yummy. I might just have to try it.