Jonesy 26 months

Jonesy - 
Twenty-six months is so fun. 
You are figuring stuff out - opening the fridge, getting on the counters, flushing the toliet, plugs etc.  
You are loving the swimming pool, baseball and bikes. 
You sometimes call me "Honey Mommy" You ask for something "right now".
You are remembering things so good like Saturday's are for fun.
You fuss about everything and nothing at the same time.  
You throw fits about everything and nothing.
You have opinions on what's for dinner, where we go when going out, and which way we should drive.
You tell Thea what's happening.
You are so talkative saying sentences and questions and having whole conversations.
You sing songs.  Happy birthday might be your favorite.
You jump so good and are starting to skip.
You count 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,7,8...
You call a stool a ladder and a quilt a mini. 
You sometimes give me "smooshy face" and then kiss me.
You tell me you lub me.
We read all kinds of books - I am thinking we might borrow some from the library soon.  
We talk about your day.
We play "I spy"and look for school buses.
We run thru hallways.
We snuggle.
We wrestle and practice summersaults.
We cook together.
You are such a joyous and happy boy.
Love you much Jonesy

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