IMQG Quilt Show

Over six years ago two of my newest friends and I set off on an adventure in building community.  Community around this thing called Modern Quilting.  We made plans and hosted meetings and sometimes just the three of us showed up but we were not deterred we decided if it was just us then so be it.  little by little new friends came and joined our little community.  We learned a lot, we laughed a lot.  We enjoyed sharing our hobby.  We added a few other helpers to our more established board and I got two more new best friends (one who would later have her baby on the same day as me). And our little guild grew.  We had our first show in 2012 on the cultural trail which was very ad-hoc and trial and error and we loved it.  The following year we established ourselves as an actual Guild, formalized things and joined the parent guild.  Slowly and surely the guild has transformed into something more awesome and more special. 
This year our little guild (which is much bigger and funner now), hosted our second show.  It was AMAZING!  Modern quilts hung outside at a park.  So pretty so fun so interesting.  I love that I know each quilts owner without seeing the tag.  I love that I know the stories and trials of making these masterpieces.  I love that most of these quilts are loved in our homes.  I so enjoyed hanging out at the show talking to people about modern quilts and with our guild.  It was so good.  I was so happy to see both friends and family come, but also new faces and passerbyers and Pokemon Goers.  I am so happy for our guild.  And so proud to call these women my friends, my people. The show was a good reminder for me of why we kept on meeting even when sometimes just 3 or 4 people showed up.  It's about our creativity and community.  About how together we can inspire, encourage, challenge, and care for each other.  With that I will say "thank you Indy Modern Quilt Guild.  I love you!"  

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