Jonesburf - 25 months

This month has been of highs and lows a little lull in between.  Photos taken at a wall inside Traders Point Church.  I saw it and I just decided to snap pictures and jones complied for a minute anyhow.
Dear Jonesy -
This month we hit some of the terrible twos.  And I must admit I cannot stand the whiny boy.  But boy if you are tired, hungry or just dead set on something the whiny kid shows up.  But then 10 minutes later my sweet boy is back.  It is such a challenge, especially as your sister has issues sleeping and only wants to nurse with mommy.
You are such a little talker, we converse about everything.  
You remember everything too.  
We talk about being brave and not crying at school.  And you remember to tell me if you were brave and didn't cry.
We talk about what color things are.
And where is daddy, Thea, grandma, or anyone not in the room.
You started at your new school and you are said Miss Charmaine is not there but you are fond of Miss Ashley your new teacher. 
You are in the panda room and working on potty training.
You don't like getting dropped off and ask the teachers 100 times where's mommy where's daddy and usually you answer the question for them.
You also like to ask if you can stay home and miss Kari can come over (we wish buddy we wish).
You discovered you like raisins and we like to use them like a treat.
You run, jump, climb and do summersaults. 
You love to wrestle in the living room and will often drag out all the pillows and the blankets to set up a mat.
You love Thea.
You often tell her it's okay she doesn't need to cry.
You try and give her a bottle or a blanket. 
You offer her snacks and tell mommy that she wants baby cereal when you think she's hungry.
You sometimes are so shy but other times you run right up to people and hold their hand or ask to sit on their lap.
You are such a joy my little Jonesy.
Love mommy

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