Theaburf 5 months

Hey Thea girl -
I think we finally hit our strides except maybe with sleep.  
You are crying less.  
You are army crawling.
You roll like a champ.
You can make your activity table go round and round.
You are pulling up on things (oh no).
This month you are now 12 lbs.  back on the chart.

We did start introducing formula once or twice a day.
You eat baby cereal and avacodo and banana now too.
You mostly just prefer mommys milk though.
You like to play with toys.  Especially whatever jones gives you.  
You laugh and smile if I just talk non sense to you.  
You like to pull daddy's beard.
You like to touch jones hair.
You like to put your fingers in our mouths too.
In July you started your first school.
It's actually very easy to drop you off easier than Jonesy.
You suck your bottom lip and like to give us these toothless smiles it's so cute.
You watch what Jonesy is doing.
You like going places and being outside.
You dislike your baby seat and would prefer to be carried.  So much that you arch your back when we put you in.
Oh little bird we love you so.
Love you much!

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